Houses come in all shapes and sizes, and the decision to buy a house has everything to do with it. Some people prefer a cozy home as long as the bathroom has a bathtub for relaxing bubble baths. Some people need extra rooms and bathrooms for guests, requiring more square footage. There are also the additions that exceed the necessity limit like an office, double-door garage, and even a game room. What should never be overlooked is a walk-in closet.

Walk-in closets are not as common to find, almost as if home builders forget that everyone wants one. They probably want to add the illusion of space to the bedroom by reducing the available space for shoe collectors. The thing is that we all wear clothes, and in an area like North Carolina where the weather is constantly changing, we need room for all types of wardrobe. Home builders prefer to give you an excessive amount of cupboard space under your bathroom sink for a variety of lotion selections rather than extra racks in your closet for longer clothing like trousers and dresses.

It’s not too late to change the fact that your house doesn’t have a walk-in closet. Here’s what you can do:

Custom Cabinets

Hire a professional remodeling company to add custom cabinets to your existing closet or a whole new area that you want to transform in your house. Closets are most commonly designed as a small space with a pole rack stretched out for hangers. That’s not enough for all of your apparel, shoes, handbags, or intimates. Where are those supposed to go? Most people result in adding a dresser in the bedroom to place the rest of their wardrobe. Get rid of your dresser and utilize the extra floor space that it will be left because a dresser isn’t necessary when you can get cabinets to place in your closet.

For the narrow closets with sliding doors, the best option is to close up the wall where the doors cover, add an entrance door and utilize it for the cabinets. That makes your closet a walkable room with 4 walls rather than a tiny space that opens up to one wall of clothes.


Everyone has that storage room in an unnecessary area of their house. You can fit 20 brooms and an endless supply of cleaning products, or you can transform it into the hallway walk-in closet of your dreams. The ideal dream is to have the closet in your bedroom, but one walk-in closet is better than none. You can utilize it to store the entire family’s collection of coats and boots that take up the most storage in your average-sized closet. You will find that the hallway is a nice and convenient location for your seasonal essentials.

Another area that can get transformed into a walk-in closet is the closet vacated by the water heater. It’s frustrating that the water heater gets its own room, but your clothes have to be packed into a small drawer. Professional contractors can relocate the heater and move it to an area where the exposure of it won’t matter, like the garage. With the extra space that is left, the wall between your bedroom and the heater closet can be connected to make a master walk-in closet.


It is no doubt that with these simple renovation suggestions, you are now set on the consideration of a walk-in closet. Just suggest these home addition tips in your house renovation consultation. It’s now time to hire a home renovating contractor, and go on a shopping spree because your closet will now be spacious!