Concrete has been used as a flooring material since the age of the Roman Empire. Nowadays, concrete floors often replace natural stone or ceramic tiles because of their durability and affordability compared to ceramic tiles, stone, and even quality hardwood flooring. The following are a few of the many advantages of installing concrete flooring in your home.


There’s a reason why concrete is used in places with high foot traffic. The material can withstand almost anything; from furniture, to temperature changes, to pet’s claws. Using polished concrete floors inside a house can almost guarantee you won’t have to think about replacing it for years to come. Other materials like vinyl, ceramic, or wooden floors that are more prone to damage will likely require replacement every few years.


Plain concrete flooring costs a fraction of what natural stone or decorative ceramic tiles typically cost, making them an economical option to fit your budget. Additionally, concrete acts as the base for many other flooring materials such as vinyl, ceramic tiles and wood, so the only cost incurred in renovating the floor, in such cases, will be to remove the tiles or coating from the existing base, applying a concrete stain or sealant and polishing to decorate and protect the floor.


One of the best advantages of concrete flooring is that it’s easy to clean and relatively maintenance-free. For daily cleaning, they can be swept and mopped just as you would do to a ceramic, stone or vinyl floor. However, polished concrete floors do require periodic application of a sealant or wax to protect the surface. This can be done every six to nine months to preserve the life of the concrete for years into the future. Over time, concrete can develop cracks on the surface. This is usually due to temperature changes, moisture, and settling. These cracks can be repaired easily by patching up the damaged areas with cement paste then smoothing, polishing, and sealing the surface.


The raw look of concrete is perfect for a home with an industrial or minimalist style. If you prefer something with a bit more flair, color and texture can be added to make it resemble ceramic or stone tiles. While the variety of designs may seem limited compared to other options, with a bit of ingenuity and imagination, concrete floors can be customized to fit your style with little investment.


Concrete has been a go-to flooring for thousands of years. While there are advantages and disadvantages to any design choice in your home; the combination of affordability, variety, easy maintenance, and durability makes concrete a good option for anyone thinking about trying something different. For any questions about flooring or other construction concerns, contact the professionals at Drake Construction. We’re happy to help make your new house feel like home!