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Choosing the Best Addition for Your Home

When you hear the word ‘home addition,’ what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a guest house, an added playroom, or even an office? If you thought of any of these responses, then congratulations! You’re correct! Offices, guest rooms, play spaces–they all offer many benefits to homeowners. The just to name4 a few are the square footage and a unique design features that will make your home stand out from the rest.

The beauty of home additions in a nutshell is that your home does not have to remain unchanging throughout the years. As styles and themes evolve, you can add on to your home as your tastes and size need change. If you are thinking of adding space to your home, let us go over the top three choices in this blog so that you can make the best decision possible!

Sunrooms, Prefabs, and Greenhouses

Open sun room with glass ceiling

Probably the most unique type of home addition is a sunroom. Prefabricated sunrooms are great for those who want a sunny area or even a greenhouse in the comfort of their home. There are many advantages to this type of sunroom including decreased construction time, which is cut down to days rather than weeks, and the glass sides and ceilings which allow for each season to come into your home. With this type of home addition, you can put your green thumb to use or enjoy a nice open space without the annoyances of changing temperatures, bugs, and more.

Office Space

Office space for remodeled home

The more popular choice of home additions is adding an office space to your home. Most homes only have additional guest bedrooms that are used as offices, but this can pose an issue when guests do come to visit. No one wants to share their inflatable mattress with a computer screen, and you don’t want to constantly have to move printers and other computer equipment around the area. So, when you are looking at home addition choices, keep in mind that a dedicated office area will help you separate the spaces within your house and keep all of your important documents in one secure place rather than a shared room.

Living Rooms

Home addition with open porch.

Of all the different options, a living room addition is one that adds the sheerest, workable space. This, in theory, is the easiest to construct. You don’t have to worry about a glass ceiling like the sunrooms, nor do you have to find a strong signal location for computer rooms–all you’ll get is sheer space. This is perfect for growing families that need just square footage to live in, which sets up an additional living space or makes a multi-purpose room. The benefit of living room home additions is that they can be minimally designed or increased in grandeur– it all depends on your needs and desires, which offers more creative control.


In summary, remodeling and adding to your home can be done in a simple way:  home addition. There is less stress, time, construction needed, and it adds a special amount of curbside appeal to your home. The overall value of your home rises as well with this rare feature and added square footage! So, no matter which type of addition you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a great, new, usable space.

Top 3 Deck Materials to Consider

Are you considering adding a deck to your home? If so, we encourage you to go for it! Not only will it increase the value of your home, but it’s perfect for parties and creating a lovely aesthetic. But, just any deck won’t do. You’ve got to ensure that you choose the right deck for your lifestyle. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our top choices for deck materials. We hope this offers you some valuable insight!

Exotic Hardwood

Exotic hardwood is enough to make heads turn. If you’re looking to make a great impression, exotic options are a great choice. Though on the expensive side, woods such as Philippine mahogany and Cumaru, make terrific options. These woods will offer your deck a sleek and head-turning look while also providing outstanding resistance to harsh elements and rot.

While going the exotic route is great, there are a few downsides. Due to the density of most exotic woods, driving a nail or a screw through them is extremely difficult, bordering on impossible. An easy solution to this issue would be adding fasteners or clips into the edge of the boards. These will be hidden, allowing for easy installation and a flawless look!


Composites are typically composed of wood fibers and recycled plastic. With this, your deck will be weather and stain resistant. In addition, it won’t splinter or rot. This is a great choice if you’re Composite decks are fairly easy to maintain. searching for an amazing look without the hefty price tag.

Though many don’t like the idea of steering away from natural wood, the benefits are numerous. Composite materials are low maintenance so you can feel free to enjoy your deck with very little trouble. However, mold and decay can occur. In the event of this, replacement is highly recommended.

Pressure-Treated Lumber

Pressure treated lumber is the most popular deck material. About 75% of deck construction is done with pressure-treated lumber. This is the most cost-effective and popular choice among deck owners. There’s no wonder as to why with its low price and easy to maintain quality. For starters, pressure-treated lumber is easy to cut and install and is widely available to the masses.

With all this being said, it’s important to keep in mind that this option is not the most stable. This type of material is also known to rot and split with time. In order to increase its shelf life, regular power washing and staining are necessary. Experts recommend doing this every two to three years for the best results.


There’s nothing like adding on a deck to create more space and a great ambiance for you and your guests alike. However, when choosing the material for your deck, it’s important to educate yourself on all of your options. From exotic to economic, the possibilities are endless!

The Foundations of Deck Construction

You fancy yourself a handyman, a master do-it-yourselfer. You’ve handled it all, patching up holes, pulling piping back from the brink of replacement, crafting impressive apparatuses for your yard with nothing to your name aside from your wit, a bevy of tools from Home Depot, and an endless supply of YouTube tutorials. But now the time has come to handle a different beast: the front yard deck. And whether or not you plan on reaching out for professional assistance or dusting off the ol’ reliable tool box that’s seen you through thick and thin, knowing what to expect from the process is an absolute must! And with that in mind, we proudly offer up this blog to those looking to break ground and develop a core understanding of what goes into erecting a proper deck that elevates your home’s exterior. Read on for a quick rundown of the variables you should keep in mind before buying your first piece of material!


One of the first things you’ll realize a deck needs before any materials or hardware is a permit. That being said, if you plan on working with a professional, ensure their permit and licensing is up to snuff. The last thing you want is a big red tag on your brand spanking new deck!

Before the Project

From there, understandably, we move on to one of the more exciting dimensions of your new project, the materials. It goes without saying that each material comes with its pros and cons, but it would also do you well to understand the different parts and structures you need to keep that deck of yours afloat. Some of these parts will include: concrete, staining supplies, lighting, balusters, and trim pieces, and more. Arguably one of the most important features of your deck will be the actual decking you use to build it. Many will opt for pressure-treated wood since it’s one of the more affordable products considering how durable it is. Composite and tropical hardwood decking are also strong alternatives for their stronger durability and maintenance-free care, though they do cost a bit more. There are tons of different styles and products you can opt for, so be sure to do your homework and pick the perfect decking that meets your criteria and you budget.


We’ve all heard the old adage when it comes to purchasing real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. Well the same can be said about your deck. Your ideal spot might have a roadblock such as plant life or fixtures that need to be worked around. If, for example, a tree stands between your home and your prospective deck, you’ll need to make a little extra room in your budget to either remove the tree altogether, or invest in some more framing that place around it in order to incorporate it into the fixture itself.

If you plan on building on a graded area, however, longer posts are going to be required to level your deck. If you plan on cantilevering the structure instead, you’ll also need a contractor or engineer to sign off on the plans and ensure everything meets proper codes and regulations.


Whether you’re planning on upping your curb appeal or simply want a calming location in which to enjoy a calm and relaxing time with friends and family, a deck can be the perfect ingredient to add to your home’s exterior. The project itself, however, can be incredibly taxing if you don’t prepare and do you due diligence. Keep what we mentioned above in mind and save yourself the extra cost and stress!

Top Features to Consider During a Home Remodel

While we have talked in the past about the top three home additions you should consider when you’re looking to add a little more space to your property, perhaps you aren’t ready to take such a leap. Maybe you’re interested in keeping the scale of your project more on the smaller side of things.

When contemplating what potential homebuyers are looking for, there are some important features that are worth your attention. As with any other area of our daily lives, we are looking to make things more convenient and, dare we say, luxurious?

Whether it’s through smart home technology that brings automation into our routines to important security measures that keep your treasured possessions safe, there are plenty of ways for homeowners to feel safe inside their own residences. With this in mind, we are going to take the time in this article to look at some of the top features people are looking to invest in during their home remodeling project!

Your Kitchen is the Epicenter

Of course, that isn’t to say kitchens aren’t the biggest focus of any remodeling project (especially the budget). When you’re not busy preparing meals or grabbing things from the refrigerator, you’re spending time conversing with friends and family members to find out how their day is going. A kitchen has become the focal point of our everyday lives – the central hub of the home.

Through the popularization of open floor plans, what was once a separate dining room is starting to become incorporated into the kitchen design by adding a seating area. That way, people are able to have a nice chat with the chef without having to deal with any obstructions. Through this level of flexibility, you’ll be able to transform your property without spending a lot of money on further renovations!

The Beauty of Matte Appliances and Marble Surfaces

On that same topic of kitchen redesigns, there’s also another feature of this room you should consider – your appliances. You don’t have to look back that far to know how big stainless steel was. It’s the first thing people used to think of when it came to high-end kitchen design. We’ve come a long way since those days (though many still use it), and now people have started to look at matte appliances as a great way to offer bold composition to any home remodeling project!

But appliances are just a part of your budget. Marble has become a big trend! This elegant and smooth material has shown up in all areas of the home, particularly countertops and flooring, delivering a nice contrast to all the wood and metal you would typically see. Whether it’s inside a kitchen or a bathroom, this has become a great way for people to give each space a nice dose of individuality!

Don’t Forget About the Laundry Room

While there are those who would look first to the kitchen or bathroom when they’re interested in spending most of their investment, many are also starting to look at the laundry room for their ideal home design.

Often neglected, it’s the place where many of us spend a large chunk of time in. Just think about it – you’re spending a lot of time in this area putting your dirty clothes into the washer, pulling the clean ones out of the dryer, and folding them into your hamper.

It makes sense why many would appreciate having an area where they can perform this otherwise menial chore that doesn’t feel like a dilapidated cave. Consider this feature and the other ones we have mentioned when you’re looking to make the most of your next home remodel project!

The Process Behind Planning for a Custom Home

If the ordinary dreams of classic bedrooms, baths, living rooms and the like never quite whet your appetite, it might be time to consider building that customized home tailored to your aesthetic tastes! Of course, going all in on building your own home can seem like pretty daunting a task both financially and mentally. What many don’t realize however is that the ordeal doesn’t need to be a taxing one! Knowing what to expect when it comes to the custom home building process can provide you with the insight you need to avoid the pitfalls that drain you of your time, money, and patience.


Just like any other grand scale construction project, the first step is always making sure you actually have the funds and resources necessary to make good on your aspirations. In order to gain a more in depth understanding of the price you can realistically expect to pay, it’s important to take into account all of the different variables that could impact cost. These can range from the land you buy and the quality of materials to things like the type of design you plan on constructing and the lenders you reach out to.

More than likely, you’re also going to need to secure a loan in order to reach your financing goals. We actually covered the different types of loans you can commit to in a previous post, so be sure to give that a quick scan during this all too important first step!

Finding Your Team

Of course, you’re going to need a crack team of professionals to handle the actual construction of your soon to be humble abode. It’s important at this stage to truly understand the vision you have for your property. Not only is that going to make the process as a whole that much easier, it’s also going to help you narrow down your search for construction teams and architects whose designs sit in line with those preferences.

When the time comes to actually meet with these prospective team members, be sure to have your questions ready and know exactly what you’re asking for. The last thing you want is to realize mid-project that the “professional” you decided to work with can’t stay true to your unique vision.

Stick to the Plan

There’s a reason you spent so long carefully planning a budget and bringing your finances under check. With construction projects of this scale, even a minor detail can cost you significantly. That’s why more or less of the rest of the project is going to be keeping an eye on your construction team and making sure everything goes according to plan. During this stage, you’ll want to keep an open line of dialogue with your team and ensure that your vision is being upheld every step of the way. If, however, complications do arise, there isn’t much that can be done to avoid spending a pretty penny. That only drives home the fact of how important it is to plan your budget carefully beforehand.


While building a custom home can take a considerable amount of planning, you can at least take solace in the fact that all of that time and effort will be put towards a dream home tailored towards your exact preferences.

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