When you’re renovating your kitchen, replacing your countertops goes a long way! Not only does it revamp the look of your kitchen, but it can actually increase the value of your home! However, one dilemma that homeowners come across is figuring out which material to use for their countertops. You have three main options: granite, marble, or quartz – this blog post will go over each material in depth.


Granite is one of the most popular materials used for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Why? Granite is a gorgeous natural stone that features lovely flecks, crystals, and veining. No two slabs of granite are exactly the same, so you can be sure that your countertop will be one-of-a-kind! This material is usually used in kitchens because it is incredibly durable and can withstand most wear and tear.

Since granite is porous, it can be stained or damaged if it is not taken care of properly. You should get your granite sealed once a year in order to make it last longer and to protect it from stains, cloudiness, and scratches. In addition, be sure you only use mild, non-abrasive cleaners so that you don’t damage your countertop. If you want something classic, unique, and durable, granite is your best choice!


Marble is known for being exquisite. This material can transform any ordinary bathroom or kitchen into a luxurious palace. Warm and earthy, yet lush and elegant, marble is a popular material to use when you want to add class to your home. Marble is a natural stone that comes in a variety of shades, such as white, cream, black, pink, and green. With the classic marbling pattern, your countertops are sure to stand out.

Marble is softer than granite and quartz, meaning that you need to take extra precautions to protect it. Do not place hot pans directly on top, and be sure to use cutting boards when preparing food, place coasters under drinks, and wipe up spills immediately. Marble is able to be damaged and stained, but it can look incredibly beautiful if you take the right steps to maintain it. Like granite, marble should also be sealed yearly, and should be cleaned with mild cleaners. If you want something beautifully sophisticated, marble is the right choice for you!


Unlike granite and marble, quartz is a man-made material. Composed of mostly ground quartz, this material is bound together by polyester resins to bind it and give it color. It’s designed to have those flecks and veining patterns that are found in natural stone, but it can come in a variety of different colors. With granite or marble, you are limited in the design and color of the slab you get; but with quartz, you have more flexibility due to the wide range of colors and patterns available.

In addition, quartz is designed to be practically indestructible. Quartz is stain, heat, and scratch-resistant, making it a perfect material for regular kitchen use. Quartz is also non-porous, so it can be cleaned easily with any type of cleaner. It never needs to be sealed, so it’s easy to maintain. If you want something indestructible with simple upkeep, quartz is the way to go!


If you understand your options, picking out the right material for your countertops turns into an easier decision. Do you need more help in choosing the best option for your kitchen or bathroom? Call us at Drake Construction! We have many years of experience in home remodeling, so you can trust our professional opinion when it comes to your home improvement projects. Once we guide you through the process of selecting a material, our skilled contractors will install your countertop for you!