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The History of Garages

Today, garages are nifty spaces not just for storing our cars, but also other various items. Cabinets full of gardening tools, construction tools, and car tools are often common motifs of the American garage mise-en-scène. But these quintessential elements were not always the standard; there is a whole backstory to how this vehicle storage space came to be. Read on to find out more!

The carriage house

When the first cars became popular among Americans, the vast majority of the nation was still used to relying on the horse-and-carriage arrangement for their main transportation. Just like horses required barns and carriages required carriage houses, the advent of cars called for suitable storage spaces of their own. As cars became more affordable, owners of carriage houses seized the opportunity to rent out repurposed carriage houses. The Sears Roebuck & Company pioneered the portable garage by 1908.

Wooden shed.

The walled carport

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright originated the term “carport” in 1939. In designing Usonian (his term for “American”) homes, Wright wished to see automobiles being kept without concrete walls surrounding them. He argued that automobiles had become sturdier and more resilient than their earlier forms, and therefore no longer required the fortification of a four-walled room. Although carports are still used for many parking areas to this day, many homeowners prefer garages due to advantages such as theft reduction, vandalism reduction, and protection from the elements.

A metal carport.

The recreational room

Today, we not only have personal home garages, but also automated parking systems. Nevertheless, a home garage is where the intimate, homey times usually take place. Whether you’re in a band and using your garage as a drum room, or a housewife fond of using her garage as a laundry room, it’s clear that the garage is a versatile space. The use of garages as recreational rooms is well-documented; others use their garages as carpenter’s workshops, game rooms, or playrooms. These magical spaces can also transform readily from being man caves to pet kennels.

A carpenter holds a beer bottle while resting in a garage.


Great home garages not only protect the exterior of cars from precipitation and the interior from fading from sunlight, but also provide excellent spaces for storage and leisure. For garage construction and more, feel free to reach out to Drake Construction today!

Five Areas in Your Home That Can Benefit From a Home Addition

Instead of choosing between remodeling or moving, consider a home addition instead! With a top quality home addition, you’ll be sure to enjoy a new space without leaving the comfort of your current home. Read on to discover five reasons why a home addition is the best choice for you.

Kitchen Space

What was once a woman’s space is now a family gathering space. Considered to be the heart of the home, kitchens now need to house not only the space for preparing meals but also dining space to enjoy them. If this kitchen goal can’t be met by expanding into the current home space, it’s time for an addition!

Modern and lovely dine-in kitchen.
Modern and lovely dine-in kitchen.

Sleeping Space

Adding another master suite to your home is an excellent way to bring more sleeping space for family members and guests. Many people choose to remodel existing bedrooms after their children move out. But if that isn’t an option, then expanding to a second floor should offer enough space.

Family Space

With the growth of multigenerational families sharing the same space, it is important to ensure that your home can comfortably hold them. Adding on larger rooms such as a family room can serve as a multipurpose room for entryways and mudrooms, while providing the adequate space for your entire family.

Entertainment Space

If you enjoy a good party or gathering with friends and family, your home should be able to host an entertainment space. Whether you’re looking for a game room, media room, or something else, a home addition could be your best option.

Wooden deck with comfortable outdoor furniture.
Wooden deck with comfortable outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Space

Do you enjoy watching the changes of the seasons? Adding a sunroom or a deck can be great ways to partake in warm weather activities or cozy up during the winter months. Sunrooms offer cooling during the summer and warmth in colder months, while decks allow you to grill outdoors and enjoy summer activities.

Conclusions There are plenty of reasons to either remodel or build a home addition for a happier home. No matter if you’re looking for more kitchen space or another type of family space, the experienced team at Drake Construction will be able to give you a top notch home addition.

Kitchen Trends of 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, we can reflect on some of the most innovative kitchen trends of the year. From dark countertops and cabinets to linear lighting, any kitchen can be easily updated with the latest designs. In this blog, we discuss a few new (and classic) trends to remodel and refresh your kitchen!

Dark Countertops & Cabinets

Cool down the color of your kitchen with dark countertops and cabinets. Installing countertops with a black stone layout (preferably matte) can complement darker toned cabinets. The coolness from the stone enhances the natural beauty of your kitchen, while keeping it modern and sophisticated. This design layout is definitely contemporary and up-to-date!

Linear Lighting

Linear lighting has been trending within the past year, due to its simple and sleek design; this type of lighting doesn’t take up much room and gives the rest of your kitchen more space to add other lights or fixtures. Try finding one with copper poles and white bulbs for a vintage, yet classic look!

Statement Appliances

We can continue trends from last year if we like them, right? Well with a statement appliance, such as a classic brass oven, you can bring the focal of your kitchen to the center. From gold and black, to silver and yellow, these ovens act as a beautiful piece of art, while still keeping functionality in the kitchen!


We hope you’ve been inspired by our list of new and innovative kitchen designs that have been trending throughout the year. If you’re ready to renovate the interior of your kitchen, then we want you to choose the team at Drake Construction. To learn more about the remodeling services we provide, visit our website today!

The Most Profitable Updates You Can Make on Your Home

Are you thinking about selling your home sometime in the near future? If so, you’re probably hoping to make as much as you possibly can when you find a buyer. While any additions to your home are good investments, not all updates are created equal. The following are a few of the most profitable updates you can make to your home.

Bathroom Remodel

If your bathrooms are outdated, this is where updates could make a big impact. Studies have shown a minor bathroom remodel can provide a 102 percent return on investment, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to make substantial upgrades. Consider re-grouting tile; and removing and replacing caulk around the shower, tub, and toilet areas. Perhaps you should even replace the toilet for a more efficient and modern look. Replacing mirrors and fixtures will also improve the look and feel of your bathroom without breaking the bank.

New Paint

One of the cheapest updates you can make also has one of the best returns on your investment is painting your home’s interior. New paint lightens rooms, hides visual defects, and instantly makes any area feel fresh and clean. On average, painting an interior can produce a 109 percent return on investment. Not bad!

The Kitchen is King

The median cost of a kitchen remodel is $5,000. A major overhaul generally returns around 80 percent of its investment costs at resale. This, however, varies significantly based on the extent of the improvements, and your home’s location. Backsplashes, granite and marble materials, stainless steel, and energy-efficient appliances are typically attractive to buyers as long as the design matches the rest of your house. Unless you’re highly competent with tools, it’s best to contact a skilled contractor like those at Drake Construction for your kitchen remodel.  

Add a Wood Deck

A deck can benefit you both now and when you sell. When potential buyers see a new deck out back, it often conjures thoughts of the activities they can do at their new house, from cookouts to family gatherings. A deck also increases the amount of living space you have for a comparatively low price. You can expect to get back around 87 percent of your investment cost for the addition of a wood deck.


Updating your home will not only make your house more livable, but will pay you back in the long run. Your house can be worth substantially more when quality renovations and additions are made. For a reputable contractor to help you with your project, contact Drake Construction today!

Enter Through the Front Door

Even though your front door may seem like a simple part of your home, it is one that will make a big statement! Many people forget that one of the first things their guests see when approaching their home is the front door. First impressions are important; whether you’re trying to add more curb appeal to attract prospective buyers or you simply want to wow your friends and family, your front door design should be carefully thought through. Follow along with our blog to read about all the different aspects of your front door to take into consideration!


For being just one simple door, the prices people pay can be outrageous! We believe your front door should make a statement, but not for a price that breaks the bank. When doing the construction or simple replacements within your home, it is imperative that you figure out your budget. If you’re redoing multiple parts of your home, you really need to break it down and include everything that will be replaced. While it may not seem like replacing your front door will be a costly renovation, the prices can stack up. Regardless of how many other expenses are being taken out for your renovations, always keep in mind your budget and stick to it! You can find many great, unique front doors for prices that won’t make your wallet hurt.


There are many different types of material to choose from when selecting a front door. While wood is typical for many front doors, there are a variety of other, less expensive ways to make a great first impression. Aside from wood, there are doors made of steel and fiberglass that also look amazing. Many of these materials can be made to resemble wood as well. Depending on your home and the type of look you’re going for, adding a splash of color to your door is a great way to make a statement. With a color that pulls everything in the front of your house together, you are sure to wow your guests and potential buyers.


Many people like to stick with a theme throughout their home. Whether you prefer a broad style or a more focused style, you want to ensure your front door matches. People tend to forget about how important their front door is. Going through all the trouble of sticking to your preferred style is worthless when you select a front door at random. Really study the style you love and look for inspiration which includes what you’d like your front door to look like. A broad style such as modern would look amazing with a light-colored, simple front door. If you are focused on a style such as Colonial, you will want to pay attention to fine details. Using large, decorative crown frames above the door with textured panels is the perfect way to stick to your theme.


You may often overlook the fine details of your home’s front door, but that doesn’t mean other people will! Picking a front door that is stylish and eye-catching is a great way to make a statement. Whether you need to add curb appeal to draw in more buyers or you want to stun your friends and family, a creative and fine-tuned front door will do the trick! For all your other construction questions and needs, head on over to Drake Construction’s website.

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